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Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church
(Serving the Community Since 1947)


  We invite you to gather with us to participate in worship and fellowship, in ministries and other events and occasions.

  Sunday mornings at Faith begin at 9 AM with Sunday school and Adult Forum, followed by worship at 10:30 AM. After worship, there is a Coffee Fellowship.

  Bible studies and other ministries are scheduled at various times during the week. Faith’s Food Pantry is open on the third Saturday of each month from 9-11 AM.
  Join us on our journey to learn about and do God’s work in the Avon community and the world.

  We will celebrate with you, laugh with you, cry with you and grow with you. All part of the life of a child of God.

  Faith’s welcome mat is always out.

Chili Cook-Off & Photos of the Past
( Feb. 23rd after Worship Service)

   Share your favorite chili recipe for the BIG CHILI COOK-OFF to be voted on by all present at the monthly pitch-in OR bring a dish to share of any type – entree or salad. Dessert will be provided. We look forward to that special recipe to WOW our appetites. Come and enjoy and invite a friend to taste test these delightful recipes.

  After lunch, we will share some photos provided to Faith of the past and the history of the church as well celebrate 66 years of FAITH and sharing God’s Word. Stop and take some time to spend time and fellowship! Take some time to get to know others who you don’t know as well. Stop...and don’t forget to sit back and laugh with others.

From our Vacancy Pastor


   To shine His brilliant light upon the world. A world in need of love and forgiveness. A world in need of fairness and justice. A world in need of healing from all kinds of threats to body and soul. On the world the light of Jesus love and salvation shines and the darkness goes away.

   This is the promise of the Epiphany season. During this season Jesus dispels the darkness. We are to see. We are to know. We are to believe. We are to be faithful in following Jesus by walking in the world as Jesus would walk with love and care. Epiphany.

   SELDOM DOES IT HAPPEN that a worship service is cancelled. But it did happen on the 5th of January. That day was all about the snow and more of it than we thought possible in central Indiana. But it did. It was a new one on me. Back in the day we had two services on Christmas Eve as it was snowing more than eight inches.

   It is a good reminder unto us that we are not in charge. The Good Lord and the Nature He created is in charge. Is there a better sight than fresh falling snow? Is it not a gift from God?

   A DIFFICULT NEW YEAR RESOLUTION The wife and I made one that I’m sure has been broken many times in this New Year; and it’s only the middle of January as I write this thought. We are trying very hard to be nicer to one another. For my part it is a hard thing. Old habits do not fold up easily. But we are determined to make a go of it. It is a worthy goal, for the Holy Spirit urges all of us to be nicer to one and all. So we pray.

   FOR SOME TIME NOW I have been praying that God, in His infinite wisdom, will send a Pastor to help us love, serve and gather in Christ. I pray that God guide our Call Committee as they endeavor in their challenges to lead us to a new Pastor. Be sure to remember this process in your prayers as well.

   THE APOSTLE PAUL began several of his letters by thanking the folks for their love and faithfulness in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I join with Paul in thanking you dear people of Faith Congregation for your love and faithfulness in the Gospel. Good for you. Many a people would wilt in the face of the challenges before you in this your day, but you have not come unglued.

You are a blessing. Stay the course.

Pr. Joel Vogel, Pastor Emeritus

Faith Dinner Theater Event
( December 15th)

Waterproof Bible
(Order Online)

Monthly Newsletter

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