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Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church
(Serving the Community Since 1947)


  We invite you to gather with us to participate in worship, fellowship, and service to our neighbors.

Sunday mornings at Faith
9:00am – Sunday School and Adult Forum
10:30am – Worship
11:30am – Fellowship

  Tuesday, 7:00pm – SonRise Bible Study

  Our Food Pantry is open the 3rd Saturday of the month, 9:00-11:00am and in emergencies.

  Join us on our journey to learn about and do God’s work in the Avon community and the world. We will celebrate with you, laugh with you, cry with you and grow with you. All part of the life of a child of God.

  Faith’s welcome mat is always out.

From Our Pastor

  People tend to begin to roll their eyes at me a lot more than usual in the month of October. Why? Because I think October 31st is one of the most meaningful days in history, and I get really excited about celebrating it. No, I’m actually not a lover of Halloween. Instead, it’s because on October 31, 1517, a relatively unknown monk named Martin Luther posted an invitation to a debate on his church door at Wittenberg. The invitation, now known as the 95 Theses, outlined some basic issues Luther had with the Pope, with the way salvation and forgiveness were being taught to God's people, and with the misuse of scripture.

  Luther, who was growing in his understanding of faith, scripture and church history, wanted to engage the church in a debate about these things so that the real mission of the church could be reclaimed. The problem: no one came to the debate. Perhaps they didn't understand how important it was? Maybe they were afraid - after all, Luther was confronting the most powerful people on the planet at the time. Maybe their
favorite TV show was on that night. But whatever the reasons were, no one came.

  Here’s the part I really love. Even though no one came that one time, that wasn’t the end of it. We are still talking about this cranky priest and his radical ideas. The match that lit the Reformation fire hit the kerosene. People copied down his work and the newly invented printing press was used to distribute it throughout Europe. Debates were held, people talked, scripture was studied and the Spirit moved in the Church again.   

  "But that was then, this is now," as they say. "Times have changed - why do we need to go back to the frustrated monk and his concerns about the Pope and the church?" People ask me that when I’m excited in October.

  The answer is simple: the church continues to be distracted by shiny new things, power and a fascination with unnecessary things. Luther reminded the world that Scripture is the source of our faith, life and direction for ministry.

  The other thing I am reminded in October: taking a risk is scary and necessary. When Luther posted 95 statements on the doors of his church, he took a risk to enter into a new future where the church wasn’t fascinated by distractions, where he could (and later would be) excommunicated, but where he couldn’t imagine a deeper relationship with the God who loved him. And, it’s necessary. The global church isn’t what it once was and it won’t be what it currently is. We have the chance to be faithful in the world in some great, new ways.

  The joy of October and remembering our tradition of the Reformation leads us to continue reforming. One opportunity to reform the church is to attend a cottage meeting or fill out the 5 Questions in the newsletter and return it to Pastor Emily or a Council member.

  Another opportunity is this: during October, on the door of the church office will be “Faith’s 95 Theses” where you can add your risky notion. What radical idea do you have? What needs to end? How do we need to reform? Where is the Holy Spirit leading us? What Bible story speaks to you? What God questions do you have? … and I promise, they won’t see the same fate as Luther’s first debate. Instead, we’re going to re-imagine church together. 

Pastor Emily

Cottage Meetings Continue In October
As We Meet With Our New Pastor
Emily Wiles

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