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Progress at the New
Faith Lutheran Church

June 2015
5706 E County Road 100 N • Avon, IN 46123

Scenes from the
Faith Lutheran Church

Ground Breaking Ceremony
March 29th

Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church
(Serving the Community Since 1947)


  We invite you to gather with us to participate in worship, fellowship, and service to our neighbors.

Sunday mornings at Faith
9:00am – Sunday School and Adult Forum
10:30am – Worship
11:30am – Fellowship

  Tuesday, 7:00pm – SonRise Bible Study

  Our Food Pantry is open the 3rd Saturday of the month, 9:00-11:00am and in emergencies.

  Join us on our journey to learn about and do God’s work in the Avon community and the world. We will celebrate with you, laugh with you, cry with you and grow with you. All part of the life of a child of God.

  Faith’s welcome mat is always out.

Let us all Love, Serve and Gather in Christ.

From Our Pastor

  If you haven’t already, you will soon receive a packet of material regarding stewardship of time, talents, and funds for 2016. I ask that you prayerfully consider how God might be using you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. As outlined in the letter, please return your financial commitment card and time and talent sheet beginning Sunday, October 18th. We ask that you do not return your materials prior to then in order to give you the time to prayerfully consider how you will share your commitment to God through word and deed.

  What do I mean by “prayerfully”?  

  I mean, pray about it. Pray for the organizations that we as Faith Lutheran support. Pray for the larger church of the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, the ELCA, and global church – Lutheran and all church bodies.

  I mean, pray for Faith as we gather through Word and Sacrament every Sunday, and love and serve the Avon community and the larger world. Pray for those who enter the doors on Cobblesprings Dr and those who haven’t yet. Pray for those who play and sing music, for those who fold newsletters, for those who meet monthly to do the business of the church, and for those who receive support through SonRise, the Food Pantry, prayer, and Christian hospitality.

  I mean pray over your personal and family budget, asking God to help you prioritize your resources and to use you as God’s instrument. The Book of Deuteronomy outlines a way of giving that sets your priorities on God. It’s called first fruits giving (Deut 26:1-10). The first check you write is to the church – to the work of the people of God. You make your offering first and then pay your other bills. Doing it this way allows for you to prioritize God as you think of the cable, electric, mortgage, etc. because we know all things come from God as a gift. In a way, you’re saying everything is God’s and the rest will take care of itself.

  I personally practice this when I set up my budget. My first priority is my giving to the church. My second priorities are taxes, rent, electric and gas, car payment, student loans food – the things I “can’t live without.” My third priorities include entertainment, travel, emergency savings, etc. My method goes on. It means that I make my offering first. I don’t pay my other bills and then give leftovers to God. In fact, I’ve found I have an extra few dollars after giving to God and paying my other bills. I’m even working towards giving a full tithe – 10% of my income. I’m not there yet but I expect to be in the next few years.

  It’s also the style of giving that Faith Lutheran Church practices. The first thing we do is send a portion of our givings (10% in 2016) to the larger church, the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, which in turn sends money to the ELCA. This money is used to support initiatives like Lutheran World Relief, new churches, churches undergoing transition, responding to natural disasters, missionaries, and seminary education.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider this model of first fruits giving. It will feel a little scary at first. Yet, as with all spiritual disciplines, it takes a risk to trust in God. Set the money aside for God and trust God will provide. Over time, you will find that you actually can give more than that 1% or even 10% and do it without regret. By giving to God, we know that when we drop our offering in the plate, we are committed to God’s work in the world.

Pastor Emily

Do you want to help fight the hunger problem in the world, in the USA, and in Hendricks County? Not sure how to help? On Sunday, October 25, you can walk or run for hunger. Sunday, October 25, is the CROP Walk at Hummel Park in Plainfield. The walk is about four miles (there is a one mile option) and starts at 2:00 PM. If you aren’t able to join us on October 25, you can make a financial donation to one or all of the walkers!

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